APRIL 15, 2019

SOUP(S): Carrot Coconut Lime (V/GF); Chickpea & Cauliflower with warm Indian spices (V/GF)

GRAINS: Rice Noodles with Asian herbs, bok choy, red onion, carrots & lime dressing (V/GF)

VEGETABLES: Japanese eggplant, pickled shiitakes, enoki, chive bud (V/GF); Roasted broccoli with garlic, chili flake & parmesan(GF); Chickpeas & coconut with turmeric, mustard seed & cumin (V/GF); Not-exactly-manchurian cauliflower with tahini yogurt & scallion (GF); Colorful carrots with lemon & mint (V/GF/O); Roasted cauliflower (V/GF); Shaved zucchini with Vault 5 cheese, garlic mustard green, walnuts & arugula dressing (GF/O)

EVERYDAY: Kale salad (GF); Brined, roasted chicken (GF); Chinese-style turkey meatballs (GF); Turkey meatloaf (GF); Greek cheese pita; Tofu salad with carrot-daikon pickle, cucumber, fresno chile & black sesame seeds (V/GF/O)

THINGS SELL OUT! If it’s late in the day please give us a call at 347-915-1196.

V = Vegan / GF = Gluten Free / O = Organic vegetable

Prepared Foods

Prepared foods are made fresh daily with local/organic produce (whenever possible) and hormone-antibiotic free meat (always).

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Sandwiches are made to order daily, 8am - 8pm.

Order online via our website for pickup/local delivery or via Caviar if your address falls outside our delivery zone.