June 10 Sunday Supper Extras


June 10 Sunday Supper Extras

from 7.50

Norweigan Baked Knekkebrod 

Seed + Mill Tahini 

NY Shuk Signature Harissa 

Losada Olives 

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Did you frequent our restaurant on Sunday evenings for family-style dinner? We are reviving supper to enjoy at home, R&D Foods-style. Available to order for 2 or for 4, add sides and dessert, or mix it up with embellishments curated to pair with your supper.

Confirm your supper by the end of the day each Friday for pickup (or delivery) between 2 - 4pm on Sunday. Menus will be posted one month in advance. Order online, call us, email us or stop into the shop. Long live Sunday Supper! 

347-915-1196 the shop /

Add on to your Sunday Supper with pantry items and condiments to eat now OR later! Ilene's picked her favorites off our shelves to pair with the June 10th supper. 

Norweigan Baked Knekkebrod Crispbread (6oz bag) $10

Seed + Mill Tahini (11.6oz jar) $12

NY Shuk Signature Harissa (10 oz jar) $14

Losada Olives (12 oz jar) $7.50